Roller skates – Infos, News & Recommendations

Roller skates have been around for a long time now. Their popularity may have peaked in the 70s and 80s but they have definitely not disappeared since then. Instead they have become a staple for outdoor fun for children and adults alike. It’s just great fun to go for a slow roll around the neighbourhood, a fast paced game of roller hockey and anything in between. That goes for children as well as adults and both genders – men and women.
And lets not forget that roller skates are still evolving. Right now we are seeing the first steps toward modern electric roller skates that will surprise many people in the near future.
It doesn’t matter weather you’re beginner, advanced or pro: There’s a perfect pair of roller skates for everyone. On this site we try to give you lots of general Infos about roller skates, specific product information, comparisons and try to give tips to finding bargains, in order for you to find the perfect pair of roller skates for you needs.

Roller skates

Schwarze Rollschuhe
Roller skates are and always will be the classic among all types of skates. There’s constantly new ones arriving on the market. You can find more infos and test results about roller skates here.

Safety Equipment

Kind mit Schutzausrüstung
A helmet, as well as wrist-, elbow-, and knee protectors are a MUST when going roller skating. Don’t forget – there’s many dangers out there that just can’t be avoided. So protect yourself where you can. More infos about safety equipment can be found here.

Electric roller skates

Acton RocketSkates im alltag
Quelle: Acton

Gliding smoothly without having to constantly push would often be a nice change while skating. With electric roller skates this dream is coming closer – step by step. More infos about electric roller skates can be found here.

Shoes with wheels

Heelys Shoes with wheels
Shoes with integrated wheels are a dream for many – and not just kids. Over the last few year there’s been an increasing number of such shoes hitting the market. You can find more infos about shoes with wheels and attachable heel wheels here.