Adjustable and attachable roller skates

Adjustable and attachable roller skates are a great way to deal with normal skates not fitting or fast growing kids.

Adjustable roller skates

Adjustable roller skates are extremely practical when it comes to kids. Roller skates are great fun – there’s no denying that, but sometimes they can be a bit impractical. Especially for those who tend to love roller skates the most: Children. One of the biggest problem is that kids tend to grow out of their roller skates in no time at all. Especially the younger kids who are just getting started with learning to ride seem to barely be able to use one pair for a whole summer. The solution for this problem are adjustable roller skates. They allow you to adjust the size of the skates, usually through a screw at the back. This allows you to use the same pair of roller skates through a space of usually about 4 shoe sizes (EU sizes). You can keep using the same pair of skates much longer, which saves quite a bit of money and allow the child to stick with familiar skates while learning.
You can find a list of adjustable roller skates we have looked at here:

Attachable roller skates

Sometimes it would be nice to just have skates on your feet when you need them, and have them just disappear when you’re done with them or arrive at an obstacle. Climbing stairs or crossing puddles isn’t that much fun on roller skates. In this situation attachable roller skates might help. They are skates without the integrated shoe. Just the trucks with the wheels, which are attached to your normal everyday shoes through bands and buckles. They can be used with a wide array of shoe sizes. Most attachable roller skates can be use with a range of about 10 shoe sizes(EU sizes)! The feeling of the ride is pretty close to that of normal roller skates. Of course they are a bit looser and less stable, but for short tours or getting from A to B, this isn’t much of a problem. When you’re done with them you can just take them off, put them in a bag and walk on as if they weren’t even there. This is especially great for small kids.  Overall attachable roller skates are a great, flexible way for having spontaneous fun without the preparation and heavy weight of normal skates.

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