Review Rio Roller Classic II

When it comes to roller skates one of the first things you often have to do is figure out whether they’re meant for adults or kids.
In the case of the Rio Roller Classic II the answer is simple: They’re for both. The Classics are targeting women and girl who like the colourful skates of the roller disco era. In order to do that they offer the Rio Roller Classics in sizes ranging from 1 to 9. That means they can be worn by more than 95% of all women in the UK. Continue reading Review Rio Roller Classic II

Review Rio Roller Mayhem

Generally you like the fit and feeling of disco rollers, but are not a fan of having an explosion of bright colours on your feet? In that case you should definitely have a look at the Mayhems from Rio Roller. They are very unobtrusive and yet elegant looking in a uniform classic black that can be matched to pretty much any clothes and offer a great disco roller feeling at the same time. Continue reading Review Rio Roller Mayhem

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