Servicing and repairing roller skates

Wheel change at Roller SkatesRoller skates are meant to be used – sometimes roughly, and accordingly they get dirty and damaged a bit. Because there’s very little suspension, the skates are subjected to some very harsh forces and many parts get used up quite a lot. Sooner or later you’ll have to do some repairs or at the very least a little service to make sure they keep working nicely. Continue reading Servicing and repairing roller skates

Disco rollers

DiscoDisco rollers … what are disco rollers again? Disco roller were an especially colourful style of roller skates that was especially popular in the 70s. Like the name suggests, disco rollers are closely related to … roller discos. Roller discos basically means roller rinks that are turned into makeshift discos with dance music playing, coloured and strobe lights, fog machines, disco balls and pretty much everything else you can think of when it comes to discos. Continue reading Disco rollers

Shoes with wheels and attachable heel rollers

shoe with wheelsShoes with wheels are a dream for many – an not all of them kids. Instead of getting roller skates from wherever they are stored and putting them on, you could just spontaneously switch from walking to gliding. And once you’ve arrived at you destination or are faced with stairs or grass, you don’t have to take off your skates and switch to normal shoes. Continue reading Shoes with wheels and attachable heel rollers

Used roller skates – what to watch out for

Used Roller SkatesUsed roller skates are one of those chancy things. One the one hand you can get a great bargain if you find a good model that the owner bought in the wrong size and didn’t return soon enough. Or maybe he noticed after the first few times that he doesn’t even like roller skating. On the other hand,  it can easily turn out that what you thought was a bargain was just a bunch of good looking trash. Continue reading Used roller skates – what to watch out for

What to look out for when buying roller skates for kids

Kind mit SchutzausrüstungRiding around on roller skates is fun for both old and young. It trains your sense of balance, fitness and it’s just plain better for you than spending the whole day in front of the TV. However especially the roller skates for kids have to meet a number of requirements in order to be really safe and useful for them. In this article we’ll try to describe what to look out for when choosing roller skates for kids. Continue reading What to look out for when buying roller skates for kids

Quick intro to roller skates

Black Roller SkatesRiding roller skates is great fun for young and old alike. At least if you have the right skates. It keeps you fit and develops balance and coordination, and if you want to take it to the next level, there are all kinds of specialized roller skates. However when you get started or return to skating after a long pause, the following tips should help you get started. Continue reading Quick intro to roller skates

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