Review Nijdam classic leather roller skates

Nijdam Roller Skates

Notice: It seems that the Nijdam classic leather roller skates are not available on Amazon anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s roller skates, inline skates or even ice skates – Nijdam produces and offers them all. And not just a few, but a wide variety of different versions. That’s especially nice when it comes to roller skates, because there are not that many companies making them left. The massive rise of popularity of inline skates in the early nineties caused a lot of companies to abandon roller skates in favour of inline skates. Since roller skates started coming back more companies are offering them again, but few offer as much variety as Nijdam. Continue reading Review Nijdam classic leather roller skates

Review Rio Roller Classic II

When it comes to roller skates one of the first things you often have to do is figure out whether they’re meant for adults or kids.
In the case of the Rio Roller Classic II the answer is simple: They’re for both. The Classics are targeting women and girl who like the colourful skates of the roller disco era. In order to do that they offer the Rio Roller Classics in sizes ranging from 1 to 9. That means they can be worn by more than 95% of all women in the UK. Continue reading Review Rio Roller Classic II

Review Melrose Powerslide

Notice: It seems that the Melrose Powerslide Roller Skates are not available anymore.Powerslide Women's Melrose Blondie Roller Skates

The Melrose Powerslide roller skates from the Melrose collection for ladies are true eye catchers. In the current flood of roller skates that look like plastic lumps, they definitely stand out. They are a throwback to the 60s when roller skating was considered a sport of elegance. With the recent resurgence of roller skates and everything to do with them like skate rings and skate nights in many city, the Melrose Powerslides come at the right time. Continue reading Review Melrose Powerslide

Review Hudora My First Quad Roller Skates

They do look a bit weird – the Hudora My First Quad skates. Big, thin wheels at the side of the heels, tiny thin wheels below the front. It is kind of obvious that this construction is a pair of roller skates, but at the same time…. not as we know them. Let’s have a closer look to see whether this somewhat weird concept pays of. Continue reading Review Hudora My First Quad Roller Skates

Review Roller Derby Viper M4

The Viper M4 roller skates from Roller Derby are “speed quad skates”. While that does indeed mean that they are designed for going fast, it doesn’t meant that that is all they can do.They are just as useful for taking a relaxed tour around the neighbourhood after work. That makes them somewhat similar to a convertible sports car – great for cruising with the top down, but if you want to you can put the foot down and have some serious fun.
Continue reading Review Roller Derby Viper M4

Review Rio Roller Mayhem

Generally you like the fit and feeling of disco rollers, but are not a fan of having an explosion of bright colours on your feet? In that case you should definitely have a look at the Mayhems from Rio Roller. They are very unobtrusive and yet elegant looking in a uniform classic black that can be matched to pretty much any clothes and offer a great disco roller feeling at the same time. Continue reading Review Rio Roller Mayhem

Review Osprey Girls Quad Skates and Boys Quad Skates

Ospray Quad Skate RedThe Boys and Girls Quad Skates from Osprey are kids roller skates that are especially focused on beginners. Now, before you get confused – the boys skates and the girls skates are exactly the same except for the colours. The internal values are exactly the same. They are some of the most popular children’s quad skates, so we had a look to see whether they’re really that good. Continue reading Review Osprey Girls Quad Skates and Boys Quad Skates

Review Rookie Canvas

Rookie CanvasAt first glance, the Rookie Canvas roller skates barely look like real roller skates at all. When you think of modern roller skates the first thing that comes to mind are usually the blocks of hard plastic that resemble ski boots. The Canvas from Rookie look more like someone took a pair of Chucks and glued them to a pair of roller skate trucks. Of course there’s much more to it. Continue reading Review Rookie Canvas

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