Review Roller Derby Viper M4

The Viper M4 roller skates from Roller Derby are “speed quad skates”. While that does indeed mean that they are designed for going fast, it doesn’t meant that that is all they can do.They are just as useful for taking a relaxed tour around the neighbourhood after work. That makes them somewhat similar to a convertible sports car – great for cruising with the top down, but if you want to you can put the foot down and have some serious fun.
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Review SFR Vision Kids Roller Skates

The Vision kids quad skates from SFR fall into a nearly forgotten category: Kids roller skates that aren’t made from hard plastic. Today the vast majority of kids skates are focused only on one thing – being as cheap as possible. High quality, semi-soft skates like the SFR Visions are a real ray of sunshine in this somewhat drab skate landscape. We had a look whether they are really as good as we hope.
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