Electric roller skates

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They still have an air of science fiction about them: Electric roller skates. Real, usable electric roller skates that can take you quickly from A to B without breaking a sweat wouldn’t just be a toy. They could be a real relief in everyday life. In addition to the obvious fun factor, they could quickly get you from your car or home to the office – even while wearing a suit or uniform. You wouldn’t have to worry about creasing, oil stains, or sweat on your work clothes, like you would after a bike ride.
Over the next few year we’ll see a number of new electric roller skates and electric inline skates hit the market. That’s mainly thanks to new developments in electric motors and especially battery technology.
It’ll still be a while though until you really see a lot of them out in the real world. Several manufacturers have shown off demonstrations, but only one has actually put a real model on the market.

Acton Rocketskates

Acton RocketSkates im Alltag
Quelle: Acton

The Rocketskates from American manufacturer Acton got a start into life as a Kickstarter-Campaign in 2014. They aimed to produce the first electric roller skates you can use in your everyday life. The campaign was highly successful and raised more than half a million dollars. Today the Rocketskates are on the market and available in 3 versions which differ in range and price. Pricing starts at about 500$ for the cheapest version and goes up to about 700$. According to the manufacturers they have already managed to sell several thousand pairs.

Acton RocketSkates R10
Quelle: Acton

Currently available are the models R6, R8 and R10. The number stands for the estimated range in miles.

Further technical data:

Top speed: ~20 km/h ( ~12 mph)
Max ride time: up to 1.5h (depends on model)
Maximum rider weight: 120kg (264 lbs)

Modell Range
R6 ~ 9,5km (~ 6 miles)
R8 ~ 12,5km (~ 8 miles)
R10 ~ 16km (~ 10 miles)

The rocket skates can be a bit hard to get internationally. The best way to buy them is straight from the manufacturer. They offer them cheaper than the retailers and if you have any problems with them, then who better to help you than the manufacturer themselves? You can get to their online shop here: [eafl id=103 name=”Acton Shop Affiliate” text=”Online Shop of the manufacturer”]
If you don’t want to, or can’t order directly from them for some reason, you might want to  get the Rocketskates at Amazon. However, we don’t recommend it in this case, simply because it’s quite a bit more expensive than ordering directly from Acton.


The French company Rollkers and their product of the same name might be the next ones to bring a pair of electric roller skates to the mass market. Their first big reveal happened in January 2015 at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.
The Rollkers are a bit of a special case though. They’re not supposed to be just normal roller skates with a motor. Instead, the basic idea is that the Rollkers are supposed to be a kind of moving walkway or horizontal escalator attached to your feet. Accordingly, you don’t really skate on Rollkers. You basically walk like you normally would, except that the Rollkers drive below your feet and speed you up further. According to the Rollkers engineers, this is supposed to speed up the walking speed of a person by up to 12 km/h (~ 8mph)
As of now, the Rollkers aren’t ready for the mass market. There are some prototypes, but they’re still very much in active development. So, you’ll have to wait a little to see how this ambitious idea for a new type of motorized roller skates will turn out.
If you’re interested, you can see a video of the first prototype for the Rollkers skates here.

Conclusion on electric roller skates

Currently the choice among electric roller skates is pretty slim. Besides the Rocketskates from Acton, there are no models that are really widely available. However in the next few year we can expect a number of models from different manufacturers as prices for batteries drop and capacity increases. So we’re looking at a downright electric future.