Review Hudora My First Quad Roller Skates

They do look a bit weird – the Hudora My First Quad skates. Big, thin wheels at the side of the heels, tiny thin wheels below the front. It is kind of obvious that this construction is a pair of roller skates, but at the same time…. not as we know them. Let’s have a closer look to see whether this somewhat weird concept pays of.


If you look just at the shoe part of the My First Quad skates, then they aren’t all that different from other roller skates. They are normal plastic skates, with a hard outer shoe and a soft inner shoe from cloth. The closing mechanism are two plastic buckles. The size of the plastic shoe can be adjusted a bit through a screw at the heel. This allows the skates to be used over a longer time, as they can grow with the child’s feet. They can be adjusted over a space of about 4 shoes sizes (EU sizes). They are available in two sizes: 26-29 and 30-33. But you have to be careful – the My First Quads are very much on the small side. You should take them at least one size bigger than the normal shoe size you’d choose for the child. Other than that, they are pretty good. Like all plastic skates they are very stiff, but their fit and quality are better than average. You don’t really have to worry about pressure spots or sharp edges. They are also very light. Since the wheels are directly attached to the plastic shoe, there are no heavy trucks (usually made from aluminium) like on normal skates.

Technical Details

The feeling of the ride is definitively different from roller skates with a traditional layout. Because the wheels in the front are so tiny, and the wheels in the back are off to the side, you are much closer to the ground than on normal skates. Furthermore, the wheels are as far in the front and back as possible, and the back wheels are far to the side. That means that the foundation on which you stand is much longer and wider than on traditional skates where the wheels are directly under your feet. That makes it quite a bit easier to keep your balance. This can be quite helpful – especially for small kids who are just starting to learn to skate. The fact that the stoppers are in the back, the way they are on inline skates instead of in the front like on normal roller skates also makes it a bit harder to fall over backwards. So overall the wheel layout is quite practical for beginners.And even though they look weird, the feeling of the ride isn’t that much different from normal roller skates. What you learn on the My First Quads can be easily applied to normal skates later.
The My First Quads do have some slight weaknesses though. On rough ground the big back wheels perform very well, but the tiny little wheels in the front can barely cope with unevenness or detritus on the ground. It’s also a bit hard to get replacement wheels when the first set gets used up. You need to buy directly from Hudora instead of just taking any wheels you want.


The My First Quads from Hudora exist in two variations. One in a [eafl id=296 name=”Hudora My First Quad Boys” text=”typical boys colour pattern”] and one [eafl id=294 name=”Hudora My First Quad Girls” text=”in traditional girls colours”]. Unfortunately the roller skates in typical boys colour pattern are only availabe at [eafl id=298 name=”” text=””]. Fortunately is now available in English.

Conclusion Hudora My First Quad skates

They might look a bit weird to adult eyes, but they are a great pair of skates for learning how to roller skate. The low centre of gravity and wide base do really help when a child just gets started with skating. Good workmanship, high quality and a good ride make up for slight problems on rough underground. The looks might actually be the biggest plus point of these skates – at least in the eyes of children. Crazy, exciting shapes and colours seem to automatically make everything better in their eyes. Overall the My First Quads are some of the better roller skates for children.

Hudora My First Roller Skates






Feeling of the ride







  • Very flat, feet close to the ground
  • Very stable
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Good workmaship
  • Light


  • Replacement wheels hard to get
  • Small front wheels have problems on rough terrain