Review Melrose Powerslide

Notice: It seems that the Melrose Powerslide Roller Skates are not available anymore.Powerslide Women's Melrose Blondie Roller Skates

The Melrose Powerslide roller skates from the Melrose collection for ladies are true eye catchers. In the current flood of roller skates that look like plastic lumps, they definitely stand out. They are a throwback to the 60s when roller skating was considered a sport of elegance. With the recent resurgence of roller skates and everything to do with them like skate rings and skate nights in many city, the Melrose Powerslides come at the right time.


As you can see, the Powerslides roller skates have very high heels and are very high above the ankles. This, combined with the very clean and soft shapes makes for very feminine pair of roller skates. The outer material is vinyl. The high shoe gives a sense of great stability without diminishing mobility. The lining is made from a soft foam and made offers a great cushion – especially in the ankle area, where high roller skates are often a bit problematic.
Overall the fit of the Melrose Powerslides is very good. The laces offer a great degree of flexibility when it comes to getting the fitting just right. The quality of the workmanship is also very good.
The rails are made from aluminium, but axles and the king pin are made from steel. The shock absorbers and stoppers are made from polyurethane.
The 58mm x 32mm wheels made from polyurethane are surprisingly soft (78A) which makes the skates great for outdoors skating, but a bit strenuous when used on a roller rink for long runs.
The wheel bearings conform to the ABEC-5 standard, which means that they are very good bearing. You shouldn’t have to worry about them going out of alignment for a very long time.


Wheel hardness: 78A
Wheel size: 58 x 33mm
Wheel bearing: ABEC-5


The Powerslides are available in several very nice colours that offer a nice elegance. If you like it a bit wild, there are a few Pop Art special editions with truly popping designs that really set you apart from the masses:

Powerslide Melrose Roller Skates - Turquoise Pink

Powerslide Melrose Women's Roller Skates Black

Powerslide Women's Melrose Blondie Roller Skates

Conclusion Melrose Powerslides

These ladies roller skates from Melrose are very good skates. Quality, fitting, materials, etc. are all very solid. Not outstanding, but solid. The big killer feature are their looks though. They just look amazing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the almost monochrome classic models or the wild Pop Art ones. They are all real lookers. We give a definitive buying recommendation.

Melrose Powerslide






Feeling of the ride







  • great looks
  • pop art designs
  • good quality


  • very soft wheels problematic in roller rinks