Review Nijdam classic leather roller skates

Nijdam Roller Skates

Notice: It seems that the Nijdam classic leather roller skates are not available on Amazon anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s roller skates, inline skates or even ice skates – Nijdam produces and offers them all. And not just a few, but a wide variety of different versions. That’s especially nice when it comes to roller skates, because there are not that many companies making them left. The massive rise of popularity of inline skates in the early nineties caused a lot of companies to abandon roller skates in favour of inline skates. Since roller skates started coming back more companies are offering them again, but few offer as much variety as Nijdam.

Real leather roller skates

One type of roller skates that has disappeared almost completely are real leather roller skates. This is a bit surprising, because for a long time they were the pretty much the gold standard of roller skates. Roller skates made from leather offer a great balance between mobility and stability. They aren’t nearly as stiff as modern plastic roller skates, but they offer much more support and guidance than those made mainly from canvas and vinyl.


Thanks to their high shape, the leather skates from Nijdam offer nice protection and stability. They are usable both indoors and outdoors. The wheels are pretty much standard 82A polyurethane (PU) wheels. The wheel bearings definitely stand out, because they are ABEC-7 bearings. That means they are pretty much the fastest and highest quality bearings you can get. That fits well with the rest of the skates – the quality is generally excellent and the materials and workmanship leave nothing to be desired. The feeling of the ride is very smooth and agile.
The leather skates from Nijdam are completely black (with the exception of a few metal pieces like the aluminium rail). This sets them apart a bit from the very colourful disco rollers you often see. The pure black gives them a very understated elegance that reminds you a lot of the classic roller rinks of the 50s. It also allows them to be worn with pretty much any clothing without any colour clashing.
Sizing is always a problem with roller skates, but in the case of the Nijdam classic leather skates, you should be able to simply take your normal shoe size. Thanks to the laces you should also be able to wear a pair of thick socks or sports socks without a problem when you choose your normal shoe size.

Conclusion Nijdam classic leather roller skates

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new, experienced or an old pro getting his or her feet into roller skates for the first time in years  – the Nijdam classic roller skates are a great choice. They offer a great balance between stability and mobility, are of excellent quality and look great. In our opinion it’s pretty much impossible to get roller skates this well balanced made from hard plastic. They get a definitive recommendation from us.

Nijdam Roller Skates






Feeling of the ride







  • real leather
  • classic design
  • wide array of sizes
  • great fit


  • only one colour