Review Nijdam Junior

Nijdam Roller Skate JuniorAt first glance, the Nijdam Juniors look like a perfect pair of kids roller skates. They have a pretty design for kids and come in nice colour combos – white/pink or red/blue. However behind the façade there are some serious problems.


The Nijdam Juniors are typical plastic roller skates. The outer shoe is a shell made from hard plastic, inside is a soft cloth shoe. The closing mechanism are two plastic buckles. The skates are size adjustable which means that they can be used for a longer time, while the child grows. They are adjustable over about 4 sizes (They’re EU sizes). The are offered in 27-30,30-33 and 34-37. However these numbers are very optimistic for the Nijdam Juniors. In reality these skates are significantly smaller. From experience, you can say that they are 3 or 4 sizes smaller than the normal shoe size you would choose. Furthermore, the mechanism for adjusting the size is highly problematic. On some pairs it’s nearly impossible to adjust to the wanted size without breaking something.

Technical Details

There’s also several other problems that make it questionable whether these skates can be used long-term. The buckles are very hard going and it’s pretty much impossible for most kids to open or close these themselves. At the same time the buckles are quite fragile and break easily. This is just one manifestation of a  general theme: There are many quality problems with these skates. Often screws aren’t tightened correctly or parts detach after only one or two uses. The wheels are unusually hard (90A) which makes them more useful for indoor roller rinks than outside use. At the same time the wheels and stoppers seem to get used up uncommonly fast.
The feeling of the ride and the fit are both okay. They are relatively slow skates which can be of advantage if the child using them is just getting started with roller skates.


The Nijdam Juniors exist in two colour variations –  white/pink and red/blue

Conclusion Nijdam Junior Roller Skates

Sadly the nice looks of the Nijdam Juniors are overshadowed by problems. Kids roller skates are often plagued by quality problems, because most manufacturers are just trying to score with the cheapest price. And it’s true – the price of the Nijdam Juniors is really low, but the product you get is just to problematic to be really worth it. It’s a big gamble – if you get a pair that has been manufactured well, then you have a very cheap pair of acceptable beginners roller skates. But if you get one of the many bad skates then you’ll soon have just trash on wheels.

Nijdam Roller Skate Junior






Feeling of the ride







  • Size adjustable
  • Good looks


  • Very bad quality and many defects
  • Very strong wear on wheels and stoppers
  • Buckles are very heavy
  • Size adjustion mechanism works bad