Review Osprey Girls Quad Skates and Boys Quad Skates

Ospray Quad Skate RedThe Boys and Girls Quad Skates from Osprey are kids roller skates that are especially focused on beginners. Now, before you get confused – the boys skates and the girls skates are exactly the same except for the colours. The internal values are exactly the same. They are some of the most popular children’s quad skates, so we had a look to see whether they’re really that good.


In their basic design, these skates are typical plastic skates. They have a hard outer plastic shell and a softly padded inner cloth shoe. The closing mechanism is a pair of plastic buckles. One very practical feature is that they’re size-adjustable. That means that they can be adjusted over a space of about 4 shoes sizes (EU sizing) in order to allow them to grow with the child’s feet. They are offered in the size groups 28-31, 32-36 and 36-38.
They Osprey Girls and Boys Quad Skates are some very pretty skates. The plastic shoes, as well as the wheels are covered in nice patterns and the colour are nice and strong. There are some internal problems though. First off, the buckles are extremely hard and pretty much impossible to use for a 6 or 7year old. On some skates they are even a problem for adults. Additionally, the inner soft shoes are very soft and very loose in the outer plastic shoe. When you try to put the skates on or take them off, the inner shoe gets squished and moved around a lot. Together this means that there always have to be two people in order to get these skates on and off without too much hassle.

Technical Details

The fit of the shoes is another slightly problematic topic. Like pretty much all plastic skates, they have no give when it comes to broader feet, which can cause blisters etc. after a while. They are also a bit on the small side, so you should choose them about one size bigger than the normal shoe size of the child.
The quality and workmanship is pretty good. You don’t have to fear for sharp edges or things breaking too quickly like with some other kids skates. The plastic wheels have a diameter of 35mm and the wheel bearings have quite a strong resistance. That means that the quads don’t run very fast, which can be very good for kids who are just starting to learn to roller skate. It can get a bit frustrating for more experienced kids though.


Currently the Osprey Boys and Girls Quad Skates are available in a whopping 4 versions:

Boys Quad Skates Girls Quad Skates
Ospray Quad Skate Red

Ospray Quad Skate Lila

Ospray Quad Skate Blue

Ospray Quad Skate pink

Conclusion Osprey Girls Quad Skates and Boys Quad Skates

These Quads from Osprey look really great and are of good quality. However they do have some problems. Putting on or taking off the skates is awkward and definitely needs the help of an adult. The fit can be uncomfortable for some, and can’t be adjusted too well with just two buckles.
All in all we still think they have their place though. They are very inexpensive and the size adjustment works pretty well.  This makes them quite well suited as a first pair of roller skates to take the first steps and see if the child is even interested in roller skating. If it turns out that there is a long term interest there, then you might want to upgrade to a more expensive and better pair after a while though.

Osprey Quad Skates






Feeling of the ride







  • Size adjustable
  • Good looks


  • Very hard to put on and take off
  • Problematic fit
  • Very small for size
  • Very hard plastic wheels