Review Rio Roller Classic II

When it comes to roller skates one of the first things you often have to do is figure out whether they’re meant for adults or kids.
In the case of the Rio Roller Classic II the answer is simple: They’re for both. The Classics are targeting women and girl who like the colourful skates of the roller disco era. In order to do that they offer the Rio Roller Classics in sizes ranging from 1 to 9. That means they can be worn by more than 95% of all women in the UK.


The manufacturer Rio Roller seems to love one thing above all else: Bright, strong colours and expressive design. Most roller skates from Rio Roller have a very nice 70s and 80s retro style. On the one hand that shows in the aforementioned colours and designs. On the other hand the retro feeling also comes from the type of roller skates they are: Almost all of them are soft shoe roller skates.
This style of roller skates was extremely popular in the 70s and 80s but has been almost forgotten a bit since then. Instead roller skates were made more and more from cheap plastic and started to remind you of massive ski boots instead of the agile roller skates of the past.
The semi-soft shoes of the Classic II are made from Nylon and offer a much greater degree of mobility and flexibility than plastic skates. They are kind of in the middle plastic and canvas roller skates.

Technical Details

The Classic II are great for indoors and outdoors. The wheels are normal polyurethane wheels with a hardness of 82A. The exact dimensions of the wheels depend on the size of the shoe of the roller skates. The wheel bearings are absolutely great – they conform to the ABEC-7 standard, which means they are in the category for the most precise and fastest bearings. The shoe part is made mostly from nylon and the rail from aluminium.


  • Wheel hardness: 82A
  • Wheel size: 58 x 33mm or 62x 36mm depending on shoe size
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-7

Quality and Feeling

The quality of the Rio Roller Classic II is very good. They are very solid and robust without being clunky. The ride feels very smooth and stable. Compared to plastic skates they offer a lot of mobility but the high shoe also support the ankle well.
Sizing is always a problem with roller skates, however with the Classic IIs you can just stick with your normal shoe size. If you’re buying for children who are still growing fast, you might want to choose them a little bit bigger, so they can be used longer. The bit of looseness can be easily made up with a pair of sports socks and some tight lacing.


There is a wide range of different variants available. The models have names like Blueberry, Grape, Salsa, Guava, Passion or Candi. Unfortunately there are no pictures available. You can [eafl id=314 name=”Rio Roller Classic II” text=”find all variants of the Rio Roller Classic II at”].

Conclusion Rio Roller Classic II

The Rio Roller Classic II are some truly excellent roller skates. They are not only very nice to look at, but also offer great internal values. The quality and the feeling of the ride are great. The fit is very good and can be very precisely adjusted through the laces. So, if you’re looking for a pair of high quality retro roller skates that also look great, then the Rio Rollers are a great choice.

Rio Roller Classic II






Feeling of the ride







  • many great colours available
  • 70's and 80's retro style
  • great feeling of the ride
  • very good workmanship


  • only for people who like it colourful