Review Rio Roller Mayhem

Generally you like the fit and feeling of disco rollers, but are not a fan of having an explosion of bright colours on your feet? In that case you should definitely have a look at the Mayhems from Rio Roller. They are very unobtrusive and yet elegant looking in a uniform classic black that can be matched to pretty much any clothes and offer a great disco roller feeling at the same time.


In their basic construction the Mayhems are disco rollers. The shoes are well cushioned semi-soft shoes made from nylon. They offer a great mix of stability and great fit. Because they are quite soft, there is very little chance for pressure points to develop that eventually become blisters. The fit can be adjusted very well through laces and the Velcro straps (even though the straps are mostly intended to make sure that the laces can’t get into wheels, just like in speed skates). This also makes the Mayhems a good choice for people with wider feet, who have a very hard time with plastic roller skates. They are also a positive exception when it comes to sizing. You can pretty much choose them in your normal shoe size – they’re neither on the small nor the large side. In that, as well as the general build, they are very similar to another model from Rio Roller – the Classics.

Technical Details

The workmanship and quality of these skates is very good.  This shows, for example, in the great wheel bearings the used. The wheel bearings conform to the ABEC-7 standard which means they are pretty much the best bearing you can expect for roller skates. That makes the Mayhems a great choice even for long tours or agile games like roller hockey. The 60 x 32mm rolls are made from polyurethane and have a hardness of 82A. That makes them all-rounders that are a bit better for outdoors than indoors. The chassis is nylon with aluminium trucks. The stoppers are made from polyurethane and easily replaceable when they get used up. The general feeling of the ride is very nice. They are quite quick and agile yet stable.


  • Wheel hardness: 82A
  • Wheel size: 60 x 32mm
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-7

Conclusion Rio Roller Mayhem

Calling the Mayhems from Rio Roller “just” black disco rollers does them an injustice. They are great skates that have a very sporty feeling to them. The feeling of the ride, quality and workmanship are all good and the fit definitely stands out compared to most roller skates. So, whether you want to go just for a casual roll around, or a bit of competitive roller hockey with friends – either way the Mayhems are a pretty good choice.

Rio Roller Mayhem






Feeling of the ride







  • great fit
  • matches everything
  • great ride
  • great wheel bearings


  • inner sole tends to ripple when shoes are taken off