Review Roller Derby Sting 5500

The Sting 5500 from Roller Derby don’t just score with their aggressive black/yellow looks, but also through their inner value. This makes them to one of the better pairs of roller skates for adults right now. But let’s have a closer look:


The first thing you notice about the Sting 5500 is how low they are. Like typical speed skates, they barely reach you ankle. This allow for a great amount of flexibility/mobility and very fast skating. The outside of the shoes has parts made from a wide array of materials: Leather, nylon and even plastic. The insides of the shoes are padded with a kind of memory foam. It’s surprisingly soft, yet strong enough to pass force from your foot to the wheels without problems. The overall fit is very good and because of the relatively flexible inner material, they’re also good for people with wider feet, which is often a problem with skates. You can adjust them very well through the laces, and the Velcro “flap” on top prevents the laces from getting into the wheels if they become accidentally untied. Sizing is pretty straightforward: You can choose them in your normal shoes size. Any differences should be easily adjustable through laces and socks.


The quality of materials and workmanship is very good. This is especially true when you consider the quite low price. You usually have to expect a bit less quality in this price segments. The wheel bearings are high quality ABEC-7 bearings. They run well and make the Sting 5500 a great choice even for long tours. The wheels are quite a bit wider than normal wheels – typical for speed skates.
The chassis is made from aluminium and nylon, which leads to a nice combination of light weight and stable construction. One great thing is that the stopper can be adjusted. By screwing it in a little more or a little less, you can adjust how far out it protrudes and thus fit it to your personal preference. Overall the feeling of the ride is quite excellent and offers great speed and agility.


  • Wheel hardness: unknown
  • Wheels size: PU Speed Roll 58×40 mm
  • Wheel bearings: ABEC-7

Conclusion Roller Derby Sting 5500

The Roller Derby Sting 5500 are among the better roller skates for adults you can currently get. Quality of materials and workmanship are both very good, as is the feeling of the ride and the general fit. They are very nice skates, especially because the are quite low in price. They get a definite recommendation from us.

Roller Derby Sting 5500






Feeling of the ride







  • Great fit
  • Great wheels
  • Very good ride
  • ABEC-7 bearings


  • Only one colour combination