Review Roller Derby Viper M4

The Viper M4 roller skates from Roller Derby are “speed quad skates”. While that does indeed mean that they are designed for going fast, it doesn’t meant that that is all they can do.They are just as useful for taking a relaxed tour around the neighbourhood after work. That makes them somewhat similar to a convertible sports car – great for cruising with the top down, but if you want to you can put the foot down and have some serious fun.


The surface if the shoes of the Viper M4s is made from vinyl. The lining and padding are made from polyurethane foam. This is quite nice, because it allows the inside of the shoe to dry out much faster than traditional paddings.
The shoes are very flat in order to allow better ankle mobility which helps with generating as much force as possible to get up to speed. The laces do a great job in assuring a nice fit and the velcro strap makes sure that the ends of the laces can’t accidentally get into the wheels at high speeds. Overall the fit is quite good, but can be a bit problematic for people with very wide feet. When buying you can choose your actual normal boot size.
Like on all derby or speed quad skates, the wheels are quite wide. They have a dimension of  58mm x 40mm and are of medium hardness, allowing them to be used both outside as well as inside on roller rinks etc. The stoppers are quite soft.
The nice ABEC-5 wheel bearings seem very fitting for the skates. They are fast and you shouldn’t have to worry about any hiccups with them for a long time.


  • Wheel hardness: PU speed wheels
  • Wheels size: 58 x 40 mm
  • Wheel bearings: ABEC-5


Currently, the Viper M4s are available in two colour schemes:

Conclusion Roller Derby Viper M4

The Roller Derby Viper M4 roller skates are good skates. The quality, feeling of the ride, materials and design are all solid – especially because they are relatively cheap. Of course they don’t quite measure up to the really high end speed quad skates, but especially for beginners or people who ride just occasionally, they offer great value for little money.

Roller Derby Viper M4






Feeling of the ride







  • very quick
  • available in several colours
  • agile


  • can't quite keep up with real high end speed skates