Review Rookie Canvas

Rookie CanvasAt first glance, the Rookie Canvas roller skates barely look like real roller skates at all. When you think of modern roller skates the first thing that comes to mind are usually the blocks of hard plastic that resemble ski boots. The Canvas from Rookie look more like someone took a pair of Chucks and glued them to a pair of roller skate trucks. Of course there’s much more to it.


Like the name already hints, the Rookie Canvas are soft canvas roller skates. They very closely resemble the shoes they are modelled after. The Canvas are targeted mostly at children, but sizes go up enough so that the majority of adult women can also enjoy them. It’s a bit surprising that they don’t offer the Canvas’ in bigger sizes for men.
Even though they look a lot like normal canvas shoes, there are a number of key differences. First off, they are padded a lot better. You need a certain amount of padding to pass lateral forces from the shoes to the chassis and the wheels. There’s also an integrated bowl in the back of the shoe to give you heels a more solid position and prevent sliding.
The chassis is made from nylon instead of the heavier old school aluminium. This combination of light shoes and light chassis makes for generally very light agile roller skates. The wheels and stoppers are made from the usual polyurethane as in pretty much all other roller skates.

Technical Details

The fit of the Canvas is truly excellent. One of the main reasons for this is, that the shoes are very soft and thus very malleable. They conform to your feet and don’t try to force them into a predetermined shape. This also has a lot to do with the laces. Laces allow you to adjust roller skates a lot more precisely than plastic buckles. You also don’t have to be worried about the shoes getting stretched out weak with the time – you can just lace them a bit tighter and thus get the tighter fit back. Even people with very wide feet should feel very comfortable in the Canvas, which is quite rare in roller skates.
Sizing is pretty straight forward – you can just take them in your normal shoes size. They might be a hint on the looser side, but that’s what the laces are for.
The 58mm wheels are pretty soft (80A) and thus especially good for outdoors, but also usable indoors on skate rinks etc. The wheels bearings are ABEC-5 standard bearings, which makes them pretty much good standard bearings for skates like these.
The quality and workmanship are both very good. Normally you need to be very careful with canvas based roller skates, but this model from Rookie (who are generally known for good quality) is very well made. The feeling of the ride is very reminiscent of classic disco rollers but also feels a bit like speed skates, because of their great agility. Overall the Canvas are very agile and fun roller skates. Of course that comes a bit at the cost of stability – they don’t support your ankles nearly as much as plastic skates, but in our eyes that trade-off is well worth it.


  • Wheel hardness: 80A
  • Wheel size: 58 x 30mm
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-5


The Rookie Canvas exist in 3 versions: Black, purple and a soft pink.

Conclusion Rookie Canvas

The Canvas from Rookie are pretty good roller skates. They might not be great for longer tours but for fun skating around house and home, they are excellent. Their quality is quite a bit better than what you can usually expect from canvas skates, and they just feel a lot more natural than hard plastic skates. Especially the fit stands out – there’s little change of developing blisters etc. in them and you can adjust them really well to your foot shape. Plus, they look pretty damn good. Overall, a definite recommendation from us.

Rookie Canvas






Feeling of the ride







  • great fit
  • very light
  • look great
  • comfortable


  • too soft for long tours