Review Rookie Retro

Rookie Retro Red-BlueThe Retro roller skates from Rookie are a modern take on the classic disco rollers. They are bright, colourful and made from soft synthetic leather. After years of the market being dominated by clunky plastic skates, they bring a much needed shower of colour.


The name is pretty much program, with the Rookie Retros. They are made from faux leather, which makes them quite a bit stiffer than normal sneakers, but a lot softer than plastic roller skates. That means they offer a great balance between stability and support on the one hand, and agility on the other. One thing that really stands out about them, is that they exist in many different colour combinations, while still managing to be clearly intended for adults. Some others modern disco rollers look more like oversized children’s skates, but the Retros show very clearly that they’re an homage to the 60s and 70s.

Technical Details

The workmanship and overall quality of the Retros is pretty good. That’s to be expected from Rookie, whose roller skates are generally very good. The wheel bearings conform to the ABEC-5 standard, which is pretty much the standard for leisure roller skates. The wheels are made from polyurethane and have a hardness of 80A, which makes them very well suited for outdoors but also capable of being used indoors on skate rinks etc.
The rails are made from aluminium and the stoppers from rubber. Rubber stoppers are pretty rare today, where polyurethane is used as a cheaper substitute, but it fits perfectly for the disco roller theme. The ride feels pretty smooth and you can get up to a nice speed in them.
The fit of the Rookies is pretty good, mostly because it can be very easily adjusted through the laces. It also works well for people with wider feet, which is often a problem roller skates. When choosing the size you have to be careful though. They fall a bit on the large side. So if you’re between sizes you should choose the smaller one. Otherwise a thick pair of sports socks can help.


  • Wheel hardness: 80A
  • Wheel size: 58 x 32mm
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-5


The Retro roller skates from Rookie exist in many different variants. There’s also a new version of them out very recently. The Rookie Retro v2 or Rookie Retro 2015s.

Rookie Retro v2 Red

Rookie Retro v2 Blue

Rookie Retro v2 Purple

Rookie Retro Blue

Rookie Retro Red-Blue

Rookie Retro Black

Conclusion Rookie Retro

The Rookie Retros are some excellent roller skates in the vain of disco rollers from the 70s. They look fantastic and the inner values meaning workmanship, quality, fit and the feeling of the ride all leave nothing to be desired. They are probably the most authentic modern disco rollers you can get. Price wise, they are almost in the upper price field. Considering the quality you get that is definitely justified though. Overall a definitive recommendation from us.

Rookie Retro






Feeling of the ride







  • great 70's and 80's style
  • very agile
  • good quality
  • many great colour combos


  • faux leather a bit hard to take care of