Review SFR Storm Kids Roller Skates

SFR StormAt first glance the SFR Storm roller skates for kids look like just another pair of standard kids roller skates. However when you spend a little time with them it quickly becomes apparent that there’s quite a bit more to them.


In their basic construction the Storms are standard plastic roller skates. They have a hard outer shell from plastic and a soft inner cloth shoe. The closing mechanism are two plastic buckles and the trucks are made from nylon and aluminium. The Storms are also size adjustable, which means they can be used over a space of about 5 shoe sizes (EU sizes).  They are available in 3 basic sizes: 25-29, 30-34 and 35-39. Like many other skates, the Storms tend to be a bit on the small side – about one size smaller than you would normally expect.


So far they seem pretty normal. But just the first look at the variety of versions shows that they are a bit special. The Storms currently exist in 5 variations. Amongst kids skates, and especially plastic skates this is quite an exception. Usually you get two colour schemes at most.
The SFR Storms also offer two basic colour schemes – blue/grey and white/pink in a nice modern style. The real kicker are the special editions though. They offer strong popping colours that really set them off from the mass.

Technical Details

The SFR Storms are exceptionally well made. This is especially positive, when you consider that the vast majority of children’s skates are just made to be as cheap as possible, at the cost of quality. The soft inner shoes fit nicely and allow it to easily put the skates on and take them off. The fit is very good, and the adjustment mechanism as well as the buckles are easy to use.
The feeling of the rise is also very good. Especially the high quality ABEC-7 standard wheel bearings and the large polyurethane wheels make a good impression. Most competitors use ABEC-5  bearings and some even cheap plastic wheels. The quite big wheels of the Storms deals well with unevenness of the ground, which makes them great for outdoor use. The good wheel/bearing combo make the Storms also a great choice for everything from short skates just for fun to long tours and fast paced games.

Conclusion SFR Storms

The Storms from SFR are an exception among kids roller skates. The vast majority of kids roller skates are just as cheaply made as possible in order to get the price as low as possible. SFR went the other way and produced a pair of very high quality kids skate that do cost a little more. The noticeably high quality, fit and feeling of the Storms definitely justify the more in cost in our eyes. If you want a really good pair of kids roller skates then you should definitely look at the SFR Storms. We definitely recommend them.

SFR Storm






Feeling of the ride







  • Great looks
  • High quality
  • Great fit
  • Wheels and bearings very good
  • Size adjustable


  • High price