Review SFR Vision Kids Roller Skates

The Vision kids quad skates from SFR fall into a nearly forgotten category: Kids roller skates that aren’t made from hard plastic. Today the vast majority of kids skates are focused only on one thing – being as cheap as possible. High quality, semi-soft skates like the SFR Visions are a real ray of sunshine in this somewhat drab skate landscape. We had a look whether they are really as good as we hope.


The shoe part of the SFR Visions is made from nylon. The feel like very solid sneakers without becoming inflexible. The closing mechanism for the Visions are normal laces. Laces are great for roller skates because you can adjust them much more precisely than plastic buckles. Accordingly the fit of the Visions is really nice and every kid that can tie it’s own shoe laces can put the roller skates on and take them off. The Velcro strap is actually meant to prevent the laces from getting into the wheels and not for so much for adjusting the fit, but they still add some nice adaptability. Because of their very low cut, they allow a lot of flexibility in the ankles. This fits in well with the general theme of the Visions – they’re basically a kids version of speed skates. This flexibility can be a bit much when just starting to learn to skate. In that situation, you might want to have a look at the Vision II version of these skates. They are a bit higher and offer more ankle support. Other than that, they are identical. In the end, whether to choose high or low skates is a matter of preference though. Higher shoes offer more support, lower ones allow for more mobility and agility. Optically the SFR Visions are great. They are well made and are a bit of a visual throw back to the 70s and 80s.
The real shocker are the the Vision GTs though. They are a more sporty and wild version of the normal SFR Visions. They are much more colourful and use faster ABEC-7 standard wheel bearings instead of the ABEC-5 bearings in the normal Vision and Vision II skates.

Technical Details

The quality of materials and workmanship of the SFR Visions is excellent. Because of the softer materials, you won’t have to worry about cracks or breaks like with plastic skates. The trucks are made from nylon and aluminium, which keeps the Visions very light. Wheels(58x32mm / 82A)  and stoppers are made from polyurethane.
The general feeling of the ride is very good. The skates are very agile which is especially great when skating just for fun or playing games like chasing each other or roller hockey on them. They work great outdoors, but are also usable indoors on roller rinks etc.
You have to be a bit careful with sizing though – they are a bit on the small side. The manufacturer recommends to buy them one size bigger than the normal shoe size you would choose.


There’s a nice number of variations of the SFR Vision skates out there. There are the normal Visions, the new Vision IIs and the fancy Vision GTs. All are available in several colour combinations.

SFR Vision GT
SFR Vision
SFR Vision II

Conclusion SFR Vision

The SFR Visions and all of their variations are excellent kids roller skates. They exist in several versions, so there should be something for every taste. Quality, workmanship, fit and ride are all very good. Especially for kids skates. Manufacturer SFR is generally known for quite high quality skates, and this is definitely true for the Visions. There is one little downer though. They aren’t size adjustable, so they can only be used for 1 or maybe two years before the feet grow out of them. However, that’s pretty much the price of good fitting roller skates, so we can’t really count it against them. In our eyes, the SFR Visions in all their variations are some of the best kids roller skates out there. You should definitely check them out.

SFR Vision






Feeling of the ride







  • Many variations
  • Great looks
  • Very high quality
  • Great fit
  • Great ride


  • Not size adjustable