Shoes with wheels and attachable heel rollers

shoe with wheelsShoes with wheels are a dream for many – an not all of them kids. Instead of getting roller skates from wherever they are stored and putting them on, you could just spontaneously switch from walking to gliding. And once you’ve arrived at you destination or are faced with stairs or grass, you don’t have to take off your skates and switch to normal shoes.

Shoes with wheels

If you have shoes with wheels you can just spontaneously switch as you please. Even if you need special shoes like safety shoes with steel caps or nice formal shoes, you don’t have to despair. Recently an increasing number of small and easily attachable rollers  have hit the market. Now you can just use attachable wheels that turn the heels of any shoe into rollers.
When it comes to shoes with integrated wheels there’s currently no getting past one brand: The all consuming Heelys. Heelys pretty much offer more variations on the topic of shoes with wheels than all other manufacturers combined. They have models with one wheel, two wheels, high cut, low cut, for boys, for girls and much more. The great variety of wheeled shoes is almost a bit overwhelming.
The feeling of wearing is pretty similar for all shoes with wheels. They are heavier than normal shoes because the wheels add weight, but it’s nor as much more as you’d think. A pair of big, thick boots weighs more. The second characteristic is the thick sole. It’s needed to accommodate the wheels, but again, it’s not as much difference to normal shoes as one could assume. A pair of thick winter boots lift you up by about the same amount.
In most models the wheels are detachable, so if you ever get tired of the wheels, or just need to replace them because you have completely ridden them down, then you can easily remove them.
But now on to the most important part: The actual riding around on wheels. First off: You don’t have to know how to ride roller skates in order to be able to use shoes with wheels right away. Shoes with wheels are much, much, easier to use. Even small kids can learn how to use them in no time at all, and they are very safe. Your centre of gravity is much low in these shoes than it would be on full roller skates. That makes it a lot easier to keep you balance while rolling. The other big advantage is that your shoes soles are at most only one or two centimetres off the ground. If you feel yourself going over, you put the soles into contact with the ground out of reflex. And then you’re just standing normally on your feet. There’s basically no danger of involuntary rolling like there is with roller skates.
In our opinion shows with wheels are just plain fun. No preparation or hassle – just fun whenever you feel like it. Give them a try!

Shoes with wheels for kids

The variety of shoes with wheels for children is just insane – so we decided to show just a few of the most popular ones here:

Shoes with wheels for adults

The options for shoes with wheels for adults are still somewhat limited. There’s basically 2 options: There are some models that are basically slightly scaled up versions of children shoes with wheels. If you’re a bit heavier that can be a problem because the wheel bearings are also intended for kids. The “Propel” and “Straight Up” models from Heelys and one model from XiaoYouYu fall into this category.

If you want shoes with wheels that are really meant for adults, then your only real choice are the Sketchers Wheelers. They have 3 wheels and are designed to take the weight of an adult and they come in a much wider array of sizes than the Heelys or XiaoYouYu models. So for adults we definitely recommend the Sketchers Wheelers. However, they’ are a bit hard to get in the UK.

Attachable shoe rollers

Attachable wheels for shoes are pretty new. They are different from classic roller skates you attached to your shoes because they are much smaller and simpler. Basically they are a pair of wheels that are attached to the heels of your shoes through some bands. Because they are so small they can just be put in your bag or a large pocket when you don’t need them. They’re also very easy to use – like shoes with wheels they offer a very low centre of gravity and easy assistance from your shoes soles when you need a solid connection to the ground. You can also easily walk on stairs or rough ground with the rollers attached. So if you like the flexibility and fun of shoes with wheels, but was more options on the actual shoes to wear with them, then give the attachable shoes wheels a try. They are a lot of fun.