The bad stuff: Blisters, sunburn, mosquitoes and soreness

Roller skating can be a very taxing sport at times. But a few scratches or little discomforts are a small price to pay for all the fun that can be had. Of course that doesn’t make them any less irritating. With a little planning and foresight you can take a lot out of the sting.


Blisters happen when there is constant friction between skin an some foreign material over and over. When roller skating that friction is between your feet and the inside of the shoe, sometimes compounded by the socks. Accordingly the most important thing to do in order to avoid blisters is own well fitting roller skates. If they are too large or loose in some places then your foot moves relatively to it and it’s only a matter of time till a blister develops.
Something similar occurs when you wear unfitting badly made socks. A good pair of sports socks can mitigate all of these problems by quite a bit. They are thick and give you a better fit in the shoes and they are tight enough so that they don’t allow for much friction.
If you always get a blister in the same place, no matter what you wear, you might want to apply a special blister band aid before you even put on the skates. Blister band aids can significantly reduce the friction and keep the skin from becoming irritated in the first place.
Even if you’ve already developed a blister, there are a few things you can to make it heal faster. First off: You actually shouldn’t drain the blister – even if your grandmother taught you otherwise. If you open it up before it’s ready then dirt and bacteria can get in there and cause problems. Instead, put a blister band aid on it. They have a gel padding that protects the blister and keeps it from getting worst.


The most important thing when it comes to sunburn is prevention. It might be tempting to go for a nice roller skate ride on a hot day wearing only some light clothes and letting yourself be cooled by the wind, but you’ll soon regret it. Light clothes and loosely woven fabrics allow a lot of sun rays to get through to your skin. A sun burn is going to be the inevitable result.
Sunscreen is a necessity. That goes doubly when it comes to kids. Which strength you need and how often you need to apply is depends on a lot of factors like your skin type, where you live and how strong the sun is on that day.
Once you’ve caught a sunburn the damage is pretty much already done. All you can do is try to help your body repair. There’s a large number of creams, gels and salves for that. They help by moisturising your skin and fighting inflammation. But it’s still a much better idea to not let it get that far and use sunscreen and appropriate clothing to prevent the sunburn from forming in the first place.

Mosquito bites

Mosquitos are everywhere. Even when roller skating you won’t be spared. The most effective way to fight them are chemical insect repellents. That simply means sprays and creams that contains chemicals that mosquitoes hate.
If you didn’t watch out and the little bloodsuckers got you anyway, then there’s still some things you can do to at least fight the constant itching. Again there’s creams and sprays that can help. There’s also something new and very promising: Sting zappers. They heat the mosquito bite up to about 50°C for a very short time. The temperature degrades the venom that makes the bite itch without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Sore muscles

Well … it looks like some soreness is just the price you have to pay for the fun of roller skating. There’s no real way to prevent it. Soreness happens through movements or strain your body isn’t used to. You can’ even really do much once the soreness is already there. The best thing you can do is just stick it out – once you body is used to the movements, there won’t be any soreness any more.