Used roller skates – what to watch out for

Used Roller SkatesUsed roller skates are one of those chancy things. One the one hand you can get a great bargain if you find a good model that the owner bought in the wrong size and didn’t return soon enough. Or maybe he noticed after the first few times that he doesn’t even like roller skating. On the other hand,  it can easily turn out that what you thought was a bargain was just a bunch of good looking trash. Some part might turn out to be damaged or simply worn down, and now you have to spend a lot of time hunting down replacement parts and fixing the skates in order to get them to work at all.
In order to prevent that from happening to you, we made a quick little check-list.
What to watch out for when buying used roller skates:

  • All buckles, reams, Velcro, lace etc. have to be there and work. Laces can be replaced without too much trouble, but a broken buckle usually means that the roller skates are done for.
  • The lining has to be all there and in acceptable condition. Have a good look for mold etc.
  • Have a look at each wheel. If they are worn down either completely or in an uneven fashion, then you’ll have to add the price for a complete new set of wheels for both skates before you can actually use them.
  • Make sure the wheels turn freely and without any imbalances. If they don’t, there’s a good chance that there is a damage to the wheel bearings.
  • Check the complete surface of the shoe part. Scratches or abrasions are no problem, but breaks or very big cracks can cause structural instability and  turn into bigger damages. This is especially important for plastic roller skates.
  • Never ever buy safety equipment second hand. You don’t know what kind of action it has seen, or how it was stored. – it could be a lot less safe than it should be.

When going over this list, it should be obvious that it is very hard, if not impossible, to buy used skates over the internet. You should definitely try to get them locally – that way you can actually check them before buying. Second hand shops, classifieds in the newspaper, or flyers on the wall in a roller skating rink are all good sources to get started. You might also want to just ask friends and colleagues etc. Many people have old skates lying around that they don’t use any more.